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February 15, 2010


Rebekah Pope

These are just lovely!


Thank you Rebekah! As you can tell, we all had a great time. What a lovely couple complete with a setting of old ruins, oceanic views and a very old Dutch town.

Robin Becker

St Croix is in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, not the Atlantic Ocean. The island was Dutch for a very brief period early on. It was originally the French who brought the Rum Industry to the island but was grown and perfected by the Danish. The architecture and landmarks used in your photos are all Danish...not Dutch. But beautiful, none the less.

David Wright

Robin, you are so right and I stand corrected. Thank you for bringing this up. The Dutch had such an influence on world trade/shipping and I saw Dutch names at St. Croix along with some Dutch architecture including the windmills, I mistakenly applied to much credit to them and not enough to the Denmark/Danish settlers and tradesmen.

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